Young Woman's Journal

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Author: Kelly, Petrea

A monthly magazine published in Salt Lake City from 1889 to 1929, Young Woman's Journal served the young female members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and their leaders. Susa Young gates conceived the idea of a magazine for girls and was encouraged by the First Presidency and the young women's general presidency to publish one.

The first issue appeared in October 1889, with Susa Young Gates as managing editor, business manager, subscription manager, art director, and manager of all the other details. Although the Church encouraged publication, it did not provide financial assistance, and the Journal was plagued with financial problems for the first ten years. However, printing the 1899 lessons for the Young Women classes increased the number of subscribers, thus reducing the financial strains. Because the subscription of the magazine was $1 per year, very few young women could actually subscribe; additionally, it was directed mostly to their teachers and leaders. Initially published privately, and only later by the Church, the Journal was nonetheless the official organ of the Young Women's Mutual Improvement Association (in 1977 young women). Succeeding editors included May B. Talmage (1900-1902), Ann M. Cannon (1902-1907), Mary Connelly Kimball (1907-1923), Clarissa Beesley (1923-1929), and Elsie Talmage Brandley (1929).

The publication featured articles on theology, fashion, literature, marriage, housekeeping, hygiene, gardening, and ethics, and talks by general authorities and Young Women leaders. It also printed recipes and patterns for sewing and handiwork, as well as short stories, poems, and lesson guides.

At the June 1929 conference, the decision was made to combine the Young Woman's Journal and the Young Men's improvement era into one publication to serve both youth organizations. Elsie Talmage Brandley, the last editor of the Journal, became an associate editor of the Improvement Era.


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