The support and assistance of many persons and groups are necessary to produce a work as extensive as an encyclopedia. Special thanks are extended to the executives of Macmillan Publishing Company who introduced the idea of the Encyclopedia of Mormonism to Brigham Young University. Charles E. Smith made initial contacts on the project, while Philip Friedman, President and Publisher of Macmillan Reference, and Elly Dickason, Editor in Chief of Macmillan Reference, have followed through on the multitudinous details, demonstrating skill and patience in working with us in the preparation of this five-volume work.

The editors also wish to thank the General Authorities of the Church for designating Brigham Young University (BYU) as the contractual Author of the Encyclopedia. Two members of the Board of Trustees of the university, who are also members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, were appointed by the First Presidency to serve as advisers to the project: Elder Neal A. Maxwell and Elder Dallin H. Oaks. Other General Authorities who accepted special assignments related to the project include four members of the Quorum of Seventy: Elders Dean L. Larsen, Carlos E. Asay, Marlin K. Jensen, and Jeffrey R. Holland.

Special support also came from the administration of BYU. Jeffrey R. Holland, president of BYU at the time the project was initiated, was instrumental in appointing the Board of Editors and in developing early guidelines. Rex E. Lee, current president of BYU, has continued this support.

The efforts of the Board of Editors and the Project Coordinator, whose names are listed at the front of each volume, have shaped and fashioned every aspect of the project. We offer special thanks to them, and to companions and family members for graciously supporting our efforts over many months. Others who shared in final editing include Bruce B. Clark, Soren F. Cox, Marshall R. Craig, and Ellis T. Rasmussen.

Many others have provided assistance in specialized areas, including Mary Lynn Bahr, Larry E. Dahl, Robert O. Davis, Gary R. Gillespie, Lisa Bolin Hawkins, McRay Magleby, Daniel B. McKinlay, Frank O. May, Robert L. Millet, Don E. Norton, Monte S. Nyman, Bruce A. Patrick, Charlotte A. Pollard, Merle Romer, Amy Rossiter, Evelyn E. Schiess, William W. Slaughter, J. Grant Stevenson, Jay M. Todd, and John Sutton Welch.

Appreciation is gratefully extended to the following individuals and institutions for providing the illustrations for this Encyclopedia. Where no credit line appears at the end of a picture's caption, the photograph is used courtesy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Salt Lake City, Utah, or one of its departments or divisions, including Church Education, Church Historical Department, Church Archives, Museum of Church History and Art, Church Public Communications, Visual Resources Library, and Young Women.

As indicated in the captions, specific photographs are used courtesy of the following individuals and institutions: Warren Aston; Robert E. Barrett; LaMar C. Berrett; Brigham Young University; Brigham Young University Museum of Fine Arts; Brigham Young University, Rare Books and Manuscripts; Paul R. Cheesman; Chicago Historical Society, Decorative and Industrial Arts Department; James C. Christensen; Deseret News; Craig Dimond; the government of Egypt; Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies (F.A.R.M.S.), Provo, Utah; Stephen Fletcher; Frederiksborg Museum, Hillerod, Denmark; C. Wilfred Griggs; Hagen G. Haltern; W. Dee Halverson; Wm. Floyd Holdman; Blaine T. Hudson; Winnifred Cannon Jardine; Peggy Jellinghausen; Edward L. Kimball; Craig Law; Ann Laemmlen Lewis; Library of Congress; Doug Martin; Edith W. Morgan; Peabody Museum of Salem, Massachusetts; Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Library-Archives, The Auditorium, Independence, Missouri; Merle Greene Robertson; Alvin E. Rust; Salt Lake Convention and Visitors Bureau; Springville Museum of Art, Springville, Utah; Union Pacific Railroad, Omaha, Nebraska; University of Utah, Special Collections Department, University Libraries; Utah State Historical Society; Utah State University; Nelson Wadsworth; John W. Welch; Frederick G. Williams III; William West Woodland family; Marjorie Woods; and Buddy Youngreen. The maps and charts were produced by Jeffry S. Bird, Brigham Young University Geography Department, under direction of Richard H. Jackson.

Finally, we express appreciation to the 738 authors who contributed their knowledge and insights. The hopes of all who were involved with this project will be realized if the Encyclopedia assists readers to come to a greater understanding and appreciation of the history, scriptures, doctrines, practices, and procedures of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.